Mission Statement

The Port of Monroe aims to provide a functional industrial and economic base to the City of Monroe and the State of Michigan by developing and encouraging development within the established boundaries of the port, while maintaining sound policies protecting the environment and the health and welfare of the community.


  • To develop industry on Port property, as well as pursue opportunities for waterborne and railroad transportation
  • To develop industry on Port property which operates with sound environmental and public health practices based upon reasoned scientific knowledge and recognized legal principles
  • To create economic based jobs for the City of Monroe
  • To increase the tax base for the City of Monroe and other applicable taxing jurisdictions, including the Monroe Public Schools, Monroe County Community College, Monroe County Intermediate School District and the County of Monroe

Port of Monroe Staff


  • Dale H. Brose – Chairman
  • Thomas G. Myers – Vice Chairman
  • David Gelwicks – Secretary
  • Joseph LaMour – Commissioner
  • Douglas W. Hassett – Commissioner


  • Port Legal Counsel, Matthew D. Budds Esq., Mohr Budds Law, PLLC
  • Port Engineer, John J. Emig, DLZ
  • Port International Trade Specialist, Gregg M. Ward