Second stator delivery

In a historic move, the Port handled a new generator stator for the Fermi nuclear plant.

First stator delivery

The Port handled the original generator stator for the Fermi nuclear plant.

The motorship Vire of the French Line is the first foreign-flagged vessel to call on the Port in many years.

The Cuyahoga called on the port to deliver cargo to Hickman, Williams & Company.

The old laker Sharon spent several seasons laid up in Monroe and was towed to the scrapyard.

Riverfront dock construction

A new berth was built along the riverfront. This was the State of Michigan’s first investment in a commercial port.


One of the constants in Monroe has been the presence of the historic Great Lakes Towing Company. The tug Georgia is currently stationed at the Port of Monroe. This tug, built in 1897, is the oldest operating tugboat in the world.